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jean murray 902 kbHello, I’m Jean Murray

Thanks for stopping by The Thriving Writer. I know you are busy, so I’ll get right to the point.

I want to help you become a successful writer. 

I have been helping people start business successfully for over 30 years – and I can help you.

Lots of people say, “Writing is a Business.” And it’s true.

I believe that the way to having a successful writing career is to work on all three elements of your writing business:

  • The work itself (your writing),
  • Promoting that work to the right people, and
  • Keeping the administrative and financial basics of the business running smoothly.

All the information I give you is to help you deal with the second and third elements – promoting and administrative/financial tasks.

So you can get back to your writing. 

stones success

The Success Stones

What are these stones doing in The Thriving Writer header?

To answer that question, you will need to understand my philosophy.

I believe that to achieve success in our careers, we need two personal qualities:




Purpose is the single-minded pursuit of a goal, a career, a life’s work. It might be writing that great novel, or it might be traveling the world or running the Boston Marathon ten times, or raising a family, or it might be reading every book you can get your hands on (you can guess where my mind goes).  Without purpose, life is dull and every day is painful.

Balance is the other side of the coin, the yin to the yang. It’s what keeps the person-with-a-purpose from falling apart. It’s considering the rest of life and adding in time for it. It’s having a family to come home to. It’s taking vacations. Smelling the roses. Having a hobby. Meditating. Spending time with grandparents or the elderly. It’s volunteering at the local food panty or for whatever cause is important to you. (My cause is saving the pollinators and maybe even the planet!)

Balance is epitomized for me by this quote:

no more time at the office

I believe each life, to be successful, and however you define success, must have both purpose and balance. I have seen many people who have purpose and no balance. They burn themselves out. They grow mean and cheerless. They become lonely and sad. Or they just don’t care any more. They might have money, but no family, no fun.

So, the stones.

Yes, the “success stone” is first. Success, remember, includes both purpose and balance.

Then the wealth stone. I would have put it further back, but I didn’t get a choice in the arrangement. Maybe I’ll do my own some day.

Then longevity and health. Both important.

Success – wealth – longevity – and health. All for a life of happiness and fulfillment. And purpose and balance.

And, for you and me, a “Thriving” Life.

Thriving: To grow or develop well or vigorously; to flourish.

And, dare I say it, one of the definitions is to

Star Trek

By Megan McMillan on flickr

“Live long and prosper.”

(The orange in my logo, by the way, symbolizes abundance and prosperity.)

I’m a gardener in my spare time, as you might have guessed from the cause I support. And I can tell the difference between a plant that is thriving, and one that isn’t.

The thriving plant is loving its space, enjoying the sun or shade, has plenty of water, and is developing well.

The non-thriving plant is drooping, may be in the wrong place, doesn’t look happy, may not survive.

I can often restore a non-thriving plant by moving it or watering it more or less. Giving it balance.

But sometimes not.

Writers, like plants and the rest of us, need both purpose and balance in order to thrive.

As you work on your purpose – your writing – don’t forget the balance in your life.

  • Take time for your family
  • Take time for yourself to nourish your body, mind, and spirit
  • Enjoy your work
  • Remember the other parts  of your business (not just writing, but promotion and the “business stuff”)

You get the idea. Just remember, purpose and balance.

And you’ll be a Thriving Writer. You will become a successful writer. 

And I will be happy you are thriving.


I’m pulling for you; we’re all in this together. (Red Green, philosopher)



I am always happy to answer your questions. You can email me at jean@thethrivingwriter.com or go to the Questions page.

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