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Are you a professional writer? Do you want to become a professional writer? Even the most gifted writers need help in setting up and running the nuts and bolts of their writing business.

The Thriving Writer is for you if you write for a living (or you want to!), including:

  • Writing a novel or memoir to self-publish
  • A poet or short story writer
  • Writing a non-fiction book to self-publish
  • Working as a freelance writer or blogger

Even if you are working to sell your work to a traditional publisher, you will still need to have a business structure to set up and maintain.

That’s why I have created The Thriving Writer to help you:

  • Set up your home office
  • Capture your expenses so you can take deductions
  • Copyright your work or apply for a trademark
  • Create a payment system so you can get paid for your writing work
  • Find out how to transfer money from your business to you personally
  • Get a business checking account
  • Understand that contract you need to sign
  • Pay others for their work for you
  • And more.

The Thriving Writer includes:

  • A web site, with lots of information and encouragement at no cost to you, and
  • An online course, which you can pay for and take at any time.

The Thriving Writer Course

For $99 a year, you can take the entire course at one time in order, or you can access any part of the course at any time.

You may not need to copyright something now, but in a few months, you might finish your novel and want to copyright it. You won’t have to go scurrying around on the internet trying to find the trademark information; it will be right here at your fingertips. Just log in and go to the trademark section, and get the information you need.

Or maybe you don’t need funding now, but when you are ready to self-publish, you decide to try crowdfunding to help you pay for your project. Just go to the crowdfunding section and learn how it works.

The Thriving Writer course includes the “7 Steps to a Thriving Writing Business:”

Step 1 – Before you create your writing business

Step 2 – Starting your writing business

Step 3 – Marketing your writing business

Step 4 – Getting and keeping your money

Step 5 – Managing your money

Step 6 – Protecting your business

Step 7 – Going from part-time to full-time

Plus, an Appendix with worksheets and documents you will find helpful.

In addition, I’ve included a section specifically for freelance writers, with information about tax and accounting matters they need.

The Thriving Writer course is packed with valuable information, the equivalent of a 180-page ebook. That’s more than you can find in any other book on this subject on Amazon (I’ve looked!)

You can sign up now to be a beta-student at no charge. All I ask is that you take the course and give me feedback, ask questions, maybe write a review.

Learn more about the course and how you can sign up to be a beta-student.


Jean Murray

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