Welcome to The Thriving Writer

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Do you want to become a professional writer? Even the most gifted writers need help in setting up the nuts and bolts of their writing business.

When I wrote Planning for Writing Success several years ago, I had been writing about and teaching business startup for over 25 years and I wanted to focus on helping professional writers to set up their writing business so they could benefit from my experience in business. I wanted writers to be able to focus on their writing, not the business.

That’s why I have created this website where I’ll teach you how to:

  • Find a business legal form
  • Set up your home office
  • Capture your expenses so you can take deductions
  • Copyright your work or apply for a trademark
  • And more.

I have set up The Thriving Writer as a member site, so you can join and receive access to all the information whenever you want it.¬†You may not need to copyright something now, but in a few months, you might decide to trademark your logo. You won’t have to go scurrying around on the internet trying to find the trademark information; it will be right here at your fingertips. Just log in and go to the trademark section, and get the information you need.

Or maybe you don’t need funding now, but when you are ready to self-publish, you decide to try crowdfunding to help you pay for your project. Just go to the crowdfunding section and learn how it works.