5 Tips to Avoid Being a “Shoebox Person”

What’s a Shoebox Person? Well, to explain…. Many years ago, I worked for a CPA. He had many small businesses and they would trot into the office in January, February, March (and sometimes April!) to get their business taxes prepared by us. We called them the “Shoebox People” because they came with the information for […]

3 Ways an Ideal Reader Can Boost Your Writing Success

Meet Carol Cosgrove. Carol is in her 30s, and she’s a writer. By day she works in a bank and by night she is a budding novelist (of historical romance) by night. Carol lives in the Midwest and she is married to a computer analyst. They have a 3 1/2 year old son named Jared. Carol spends her […]

Help Me Find the Image of My Ideal Reader

I’m focusing this week on my Ideal Reader. You know, the person you think about, the person you are writing for. And I need  your help deciding on an image for this Ideal Reader. After you have read my description of this person, please vote for the image you think best represents her, on my […]

Why I’m Thrilled to Have a Virtual Assistant

I woke up this morning and my first thought was, “I’m free!” I was almost giddy with delight. And that’s not an exaggeration – much. Why was I so happy and free? I just hired a virtual assistant! I want to tell you about my reasoning for why this was the time for this drastic […]

Managing Your Writing and “The Hated Admin Stuff”

Life is always about two things – purpose and balance. It often seems there’s not enough time for the balance, let alone the stuff we have to do to keep our personal and business lives going. Randy Ingermanson in the May 2015 issue of his Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine  says he’s using a “do one […]

5 Reasons Your Business Advisors Can’t Help You

I hear it all the time: “If I have an accountant, why do I need to know this business stuff?” It sounds like a reasonable question. After all, we have learned to rely on professionals of all types to have the knowledge and experience to give us good advice and do the tasks we can’t […]

5 Great Organization Apps for Your Writing Life

I love being organized. Yes, I probably spend too much time on getting and staying organized, but I’m working on several projects at once, and writing a novel in between. Whew! I want to share with you some great organizational apps, for different parts of my writing business. A note before I begin: I am […]

3 Super Ways to Make Your Writing Business Dollar Wise

Is your writing business struggling? Maybe you’ve just started out and you find yourself wondering how to keep your writing business on the track financially. It’s a tough situation, I know. That juggling act I’m always talking about – finding time to write and edit your work, keeping your promotion efforts going, and making sure […]

The Real Truth about Being a Self-Employed Writer

What does it mean to be self-employed? Well, as a writer, that’s what you are. You don’t work for anyone else. You work for yourself, which means you are the only person who can tell you what to do. But there’s more you need to know about this self-employment thing: How self-employed individuals are paid […]

4 Practical Ways to Improve Your Writing Business Productivity

Want to be more productive as a writer? It’s all about managing your right brain time and your left brain time. Writers work off their right brains. But the business side of your writing is left brain activity. I struggle with the switch between right brain writing and left brain business. I want to be […]